Worsted Spinning Preparatory

For Wool, Silk and Synthetic Fibres

For NSC, Sant Andrea, Cognetex, Textima, OKK And other makes Of Gill Boxes


Faller Plastic Pinstrips:

Full range of Press Fit type Pinstrips of International quality standard with advantages of long long life, excellent fibre opening, quick remounting of fallers and economical prices. 2.5 to 9 PPCM / up to 300 mm pin set over /11 to 25 mm pin height.


Faller Bars:

Faller bars available for most leading chain driven machines, both high and low back, with various set overs, pin projections and the option of flat or round-pins


Insert Mounting Machine:

Low cost, Maintenance free, Portable machine for quick and easy remounting of inserts in faller bars.

Gill Box Head Spares:

NSC and other leading brands of Gill Boxes. Full range including Gill screws, slides, cams, guides, faller bars etc.


Almeter Combs:

Almeter combs
Combs for Almeters for worsted fiber testing.


Brass Gills:

Brass Gills
Brass Gills for bast fibres – jute, sisal , hemp, etc.