Waste Reclamation

For rag and hard waste opening of cotton, wool, synthetic and other material

For Laroche, Dell’orco & Villani, Balkan, Margassa, Schirp, Rolando, Autefa and other makes


Pinned Lags:

Pinned Lags in hardened alloy aluminum or compressed laminated wood for all types of Waste Openers / Rag Tearing. Pin profiles in round and flat offered to suit different materials and operating speeds. Pin metallurgy, tip profile and heat treatment designed for long life and excellent fibre opening.

Available for all leading international brands of machines for upto 2000mm wide cylinders. All pin patterns, pin sizes and pin angles available. We also offer custom pin patterns tailored to suit your requirements.

  • Up to 2000 mm length / Width upto 300 mm
  • Pin diameter 2.35 to 6.00 mm
  • Pin angle 55 to 90 degrees

Repinning of aluminum and wooden lags done using specialized equipment.